A thick blanket of mist hovered just above the field and she could see their coils shoot up, snake around the streetlights, transforming the landscape into a yellow haze. An eerie feeling lingered on, as she leaned against the car and rested her head on the hood. She could see the moon through the branches of the tree overhead. It was full tonight, a pearly orb, shining bright against the silver sky. And she remembered. She remembered many such evenings spent there with her best friend.




The rain hummed a lullaby and the lightning waltzed with the dark night as the thunder drummed a beat. Dawn was yet to break when she woke up from a fitful sleep. The rage outside mirrored the rage inside her heart. She embraced the fierce storm roaring about as a lost soul finding solace in the arms of it’s soulmate.



It is that time of the year again. The sound of dhak, chant of mantras, fragrance of the agarbattis and the light from innumerable diyas weave an intoxicating aura. Kohl-eyed, draped in fiery red with the spear in motion, the Goddess epitomises the ultimate power – the power of giving life, the power of embracing the universe, the power of being a woman.



I want to run..

I need to run..

Keep on running

Heart racing,

Breathe catching,

Blood pounding,

Maybe then

My mind will go blank..

Maybe then

My mind will be dead..

Feeling nothing,

Enduring nothing,

Remembering nothing,

A silence so powerful

A silence so intoxicating

Shaking the very existence,

Shattering the very essence,

Of being alive !



The amber tinted clouds and the lilac hued sky painted a tale of the coral sun and ivory moon, of the rising night and setting noon. She stood watching the clouds, splashed vivid with colors and tried to conjure up the many shapes they made. It brought back a kaleidoscope of memories since it has always been one of her cherished pastimes.