Holy or Hollow !


Marriage is a sacred institution or so I have heard. Marriage is the union of two people, not only physically but mentally, emotionally, intellectually and in every other aspect or so I believe. If I go by my belief, then the custom of arranged-marriage teeters on the edge between absurdity and abominability. Still, before I hurt the sentiments of the many straitjackets, I state that it is only my opinion and I am not always correct. And the stereotypical society will be only too happy to denounce that the likes of me are never correct. But then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, eh! For me, marriage is the natural successor to love, and if not, then it is just an empty abyss, a shackled confinement.



  1. Well written Ankita. Marriage should actually be the natural successor to love, as you’ve stated. Otherwise it is just another compromise made to avoid being set apart from the ever judgemental society.
    Arranged marriages may, of course, end up in love too. But it is always better to let the love happen first even in an arrangement. Or so I think! 🙂

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