Month: December 2015

Austen Fever


How can a girl settle for less when the first ever book she read introduced her to a hero like Mr. Darcy!

Though a fictional character, how can the heart dare not hope that such a person cannot not exist!

All his arrogance, his pride, his weaknesses make him all the more real.

All the great many imperfections of his, designed to vex a woman, becomes his very perfections.

From the then-silly-innocent heart to the now-battered-somewhat-mature heart, the hope remains steady and strong.

What with the world full of Mr. Collinses and Mr. Wickhams, somewhere a Mr. Darcy must be out there too!

Ruined for life…in love…romance…marriage!



Tamasha Movie Pics deepika padukone ranbir kapoor 13

Imtiaz Ali. Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika Padukone. Piyush Mehra. A R Rahman. Irshad Kamil. Production design by Acropolis. The result had to be spectacular and the artist in me was not disappointed. Two years back, this movie would have shaken me to my core. Today, I could relate to each and every moment in the film. I have been through all of them in the past two years. Imtiaz Ali has done it again. He has concocted all the innermost yearnings and feelings that everyone carries around and shown us the mirror. People say movies are fictions and we are fools if we are infulenced by them. But this movie showed me that I am on the right path.

“Sawaalon ka safarnama
Jisey dhoonda
Zamaane mein, mujh hi mein tha”

Now everything is about the ‘safarnama’.